Urgent: Emergency Relief Response

 The current status and how we are assisting the communities we serve.

“The reason much of the world is not being attracted to Christ and His church is that God’s people lack the faith to attempt those things that only God can do.” 

“Let the world see God at work and He will attract people to himself.”
-Experiencing God by Blackaby and King
I read those words and for nearly a week, I couldn’t shake the conviction to make this video. To be honest, it nearly took at act of God for me to find a few quiet minutes in the day to record this (since my house is usually full of four very active children practicing their skills of negotiation, conversation, and self-expression. Ha!). However, that’s not the incredible story I want to share with you about how we have seen God at work. 
We pray that your faith will be encouraged as you hear this story of our God showing up and showing off! 
-The Cambiarte team

Since beginning the food bag campaign in Ecuador four weeks ago, Cambiarte has been making an impact. 909 food bags have been delivered to families, which in turn has helped 3,704 people in the communities of Quito and Pacoche, Ecuador. Due to the critical need of basic food and necessities in these areas, the people have been deeply moved with thanksgiving by the generosity of these distributions. During one distribution, a young boy hugged a bag of rice like a teddy bear.

Through Cambiarte, the people are not only being fed physically, but spiritually as well. In Pacoche, neighbors have lined the streets to hear Pastor Fabian preach the word nightly. We give God all the praise, honor, and glory for how He has provided and for all He is doing in Ecuador.

Though Cambiarte has been able to affect many families through food bag distribution, the need for the provision of food and basic necessities remains great. With no clear end of the COVID-19 crisis in sight, there is an ongoing need to support the most vulnerable in Ecuador. Cambiarte’s goal for at least the next 4 weeks is to distribute 200 food bags per week.

Paul and Susan Fernane, Cambiarte missionaries in Ecuador, share about their heart for the people there and the devastating reality of the pandemic in impoverished areas.

Your gift of $15 can provide a care package for families in the following communities:

  • Quito

         o   Families in San Carlos Church (Pastor Jose & Teresa’s church)

         o   Children and families in the Cambiarte after school program

         o   Families who recycle in Zambiza Recycling Center 

  • Pacoche

         o   Families in Casa de Dios Church of San Lorenzo (Pastor Fabian & Graciela’s church)

         o   Families who are a part of Liguiqui weekly program

         o   Community of San Lorenzo

Any amount you give will show the love of God to families in Ecuador by providing the basic necessity of food during this time of need. Please consider giving on a weekly/monthly basis until the COVID-9 crises is over.

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