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Josselyn, Yuleisy, and Kimberly. Sisters in the After-school Program

Limaico Family

Josselyn, Yuleisy, and Kimberly. Sisters in the After-school Program

Their lives are a reflection of true perseverance daily. The three girls live together with their parents in a small house as caretakers in a greenhouse. Not having their own house, they live renting a small place that is financially affordable even though it does not have all the basic conditions. Their father works in a greenhouse, whose function is to be a planter and caretaker of the plants that are growing there, their mother works for hours in different areas and takes care of the greenhouse she is in charge of. In the mornings the girls walk to their schools and Josselyn, the older sister, goes to school (a school, with which CAMBIARTE has a discount agreement). After their school days, the three sisters attend the CAMBIARTE program, receive food, help with their homework, receive workshops, and have fun in a safe place. Before being part of CAMBIARTE the three girls after school went and the older sister Josselyn had to prepare lunch for her and her two sisters since their mom and dad worked far from home. These girls did not have access to the internet or know how to do their homework, they had to go out to a cyber to do their homework. Every Friday they faithfully attended the Kids club that was near Valeria’s parents’ house. One day Tere and Jose decided to go to see how they could help in the Kids club without thinking that they could help and change the lives of these little girls. Between conversations and Jose’s jokes, he asked where they lived and where their parents were, the girls told him their situation and told him that they went to the children’s club because they did not want to be alone at home, and by going to the children’s club they felt happy. Jose and Tere were very interested in the life of these girls and when they saw their reality, knowing that their parents could not help them because of their work, they decided to talk to their parents so that they could attend CAMBIARTE. The girls were very excited when the day came when Jose and Tere were to talk to their mom about them attending the Cambiarte program. However, their mom could not meet due to her work schedule. So, Jose asked the girls if they wanted to stay and start the program or come back tomorrow. Their answer was TODAY! (With a big smile).

Josselyn has shown her gratitude through her daily effort as she always stands out as one of the best students. Yuleisy, the middle sister, is about to finish her last year of middle school and dreams of going to Bethel High School. Her mother tells us that it is not possible for her to pay for high school for her two daughters because of their difficult economic situation, but she will pray a lot that God will provide for this to become a reality. She tells us that many people (including her family) tell her not to dream so much because they will not be able to see those dreams come true. Their family would ask, what are those crazy dreams? Her dream is to see her daughters go to college and graduate as professionals. With tears, Veronica (mother of the girls) shared with us this was her greatest desire and began to pray because she knew God would do it.

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