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Sisters in Christ without borders!!!

In February, God has orchestrated a church in Omaha to purchase handmade crosses from the ladies in Ecuador.   One of the leaders from Christ Community Church in Omaha had received a handmade cross as a gift a few years ago.   She was in charge of creating gift bags for the 1,500 women attending the Women’s Retreat.   She reached out to see how quickly the ladies in Ecuador could make 1,500 cross to bless the women in her church.    

Isn’t it amazing to see how teaching the women a simple craft over six years ago has become a means of connecting women across the globe? God proves His power and His divine plan through stories like this one. 

The women in Ecuador quickly went to work making crosses and they all arrived in time!  This opportunity generated $3000 for the Ecuador women, but even more powerful is the PRAYER that was generated!   We asked the women receiving a cross to place it somewhere special and pray for the lady in Ecuador daily.   God ALWAYS has a plan. We just need to be faithful in HIS WORD and PRAYER, so we don’t miss an opportunity.  

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