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Water changing families lives…..

Have you ever had a water problem that led to your house being without water for a long time? If so, you know how frustrating and trying it can be. If you want to experience it, turn your main water valve off for at least 24 hours. You will quickly experience what a lot of families in Ecuador go through. In many Rural communities, water does not flow through the main service pipes regularly. Houses are not hooked up to the main service lines. People do get the right to connect a line to the main service line and capture the water when it runs. The families have to save the water in whatever containers they can get their hands on. These look for old plastic or metal drums or other plastic containers. Many of the families that live in these communities have low incomes. Some men and women still work for $10 to $15 per day. This does not allow them the opportunity to do much with their homes. So, constructing a water cistern to store water is a dream for most.  

Pastor Fabian and Graciela of Iglesia Casa de Dios live in one of these communities. They love the people in their community of Pacoche and other nearby communities. They are prayer warriors who pray about the opportunity to share a gift from God. And, God is so good and faithful. He has answered Pastor Fabian and Graciela’s prayers and provided many water cisterns.

It has been exciting to see the families’ Smilie when their cistern is finished and ready to be filled with water. The following pictures are of some families that have received one of God’s gifts. These gifts truly do make a difference in their lives. 

This is how they stored water before their water Cistern
The buckets were their water storage before their water Cistern

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