About Us

In 2017, Cambiarte was established in the US as a 501c3 to support and fund community-building and education in several areas of Ecuador. Working in close partnership with leadership in the Ecuadorian communities, we exist to provide support through fundraising, short-term work teams, internships, and training. Some of the communities we serve are impoverished due to lack of access to decent employment opportunities, quality schools, and reliable public transportation. 

As a multi-cultural organization, we believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We are able to gain greater perspective and creative solutions when we consider the varied experiences, opinions, and wisdom we each contribute. Starting with our leadership team, together we all reach out to each person we serve with the same mindset: To demonstrate God’s love in every endeavor and celebrate what each individual contributes, while at the same time unifying people with a common vision.

Together, we inspire dreams and create futures!


Our Focus Communities

Pacoche, Ecuador

An eight hour drive down the winding mountains and endless miles of banana fields separates the San Carlos Church and Casa de Dios, located in Pacoche, Ecuador. The diversity of ecosystems throughout the country of Ecuador is one aspect that makes it such a unique place. Pacoche is a rural village, just fifteen minutes from the coast, and approximately thirty minutes from the nearest city, Manta. Many of the residents in Pacoche work in the fishing industry.  The Cambiarte program works in direct partnership with the local church, Casa de Dios. Fabian and Graciela Buenaventura have pastored the church for nearly two decades and have a heart to see the Gospel message shared with neighboring communities as well. You can learn more about this passionate couple on the Our Team page. 

Quito/San Carlos, Ecuador

One of Cambiarte’s two main focus areas is the rural community of San Carlos, Ecuador, located just ten minutes from the Mariscal Sucre International Airport.  The area is easily accessible with many forms of public transit, but is primarily farmland that is surrounded by the spectacular views of the Andes Mountain range and the iconic Cotopaxi volcano. The after-school enrichment program is held at the San Carlos Church (Iglesia San Carlos), which has experienced significant growth over the past several years. With the help of many volunteer teams, the church has more than doubled in square footage. Jose and Teresa Jimenez are the dedicated pastors of this growing congregation. You can get to know them better by visiting Our Team page.