We present needs to people, then trust the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those whom He wants to participate in meeting those needs.

Because the Lord supplies us with resources for ministry through individual contributions, we recognize our accountability both to Him and to our donors. We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices.

 We are governed by a responsible and involved Board of Directors.

Cambiarte ensures contributions designated for specific projects are applied to those projects without administrative fees.  The only fees charged against the donation are bank/Pay Pal and wire transfer fees incurred to receive and to get the funds to the designated project. Occasionally, Cambiarte may receive more contributions for a designated project than can be wisely applied to that project. In that event, Cambiarte will endeavor to use the funds for a similar pressing need.

Cambiarte seeks to minister and conduct its activities with integrity.

The following statements outline how we utilize funds received for Children Sponsorship:

What is Cambiarte Child Sponsorship?

Cambiarte Child Sponsorship unites sponsors and children to create dreams and inspire futures of at risk children.
As a sponsor, you enable us to have a positive impact on the children’s lives by addressing many of the dangerous issues they face on a daily bases.

How is my sponsorship donation used?

Your donations will help provide nourishing meals and snacks, Bible instruction, educational instruction and assistance, skills training, and love.

They will also help keep children safe and encourages them to dream bigger dreams and change their futures.

Will my sponsorship contributions be only utilized for one child?

While each Cambiarte Child Sponsorship is connected with one child, we make the most of your donations by pooling funds to improve the program’s overall success. By doing this we know that your sponsor child and the other children in the program are impacted and inspired.

So, your monthly donations are pooled with those of other sponsors and invested in the program to impact all the children and inspire better futures.