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Yarely’s Story

Casa de Dios is a church in Pacoche, Ecuador.  When some people think of church, they imagine a building where people gather once or twice a week. While that is certainly true in Pacoche, the church is so much more than that. There are outreach ministries happening in the community, as well as neighboring communities, almost every day of the week!

One of the ministries that is provided through the church is a tutoring program. The director of the public school has been encouraging students to take advantage of the service the church is offering.

Yarely is a young student who has been struggling with her reading and writing in school. However, that is changing with the help of Nidia and Graciela who are spending time helping her and others with their studies.

This week the director at the school sent Graciela the picture below. She wanted them to see the improvement and asked that they congratulate and encourage her.

Yarely’s teacher was not the only one to notice her improvement. Her mom was so thankful because her daughter refused to do any writing before and had received zeros on her assignments for many months. There has been a noticeable change in Yarely’s work ethic and self-confidence. A perfect score on her exam is proof that her hard work is paying off!

Thank you. Your partnership with Cambiarte makes success stories like Yarelve’s possible!

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